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CMD Ceramics are a leading wall and floor tiling contractors London and Surrey. We offer residential and commercial tiling services to building contractors (large and small), shop fitting teams, insurance companies and business owners.

Our team are fully capable of carrying out small, medium and large scale projects to tight deadlines. We also understand that business's may need to remain open so we are happy to work out-of-hours when necessary.

All of our work is to the highest standard and we can install ANY tiles including large porcelains, all natural stones and mosaics.

As a tiling contractor we provide all the services you would expect including removing existing tiles, leveling floors, crack prevention, mould prevention, waterproofing systems and electric underfloor heating installation.

We are fully committed to health and safety requirements and we are happy to provide risk assessments and method statements when necessary.

We also have full public liability insurance cover for commercial tiling projects too. 

We'll be happy to hear from you on 020 8395 8081 or 07772 340586

tiling contractors London


Commercial tiling contractors London


Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom tilers London

Bathroom tiled using metro tiles and handpainted floor tiles.

Floor Tiling

Ceramic tiling contractors London

 Spanish terracotta floor tiling in Pimlico, London

Wall Tiling

Tiling contractors London and Surrey

 Mosaic and Porcelain wall tiling in Dulwich, South London


Commercial Tiling Contractors London and Surrey

At CMD Ceramics we regularly carry out commercial tiling projects and have recently completed the new Hugo Boss store in the Bentalls center in Kingston upon Thames. This involved a 200m2 floor that needed leveling then ditra matting and finally tiling which was all done at night when the shopping center was closed. We enjoy the shop fitting jobs and thrive under the pressure of the time scales involved.

Commercial tiling contractors in London and Surrey

Underfloor Heating and Thermostats

The main downside to tiled floors is that they are cold and uninviting. Nowadays we have electric underfloor heating which will add a touch of luxury to any tiled floor and is economical to run and coupled with a modern thermostat can even be controlled from your smart phone on the way home from work! Underfloor heating can be added anywhere you wish providing extra comfort throughout the home.

Uncoupling Membranes 

Tiling directly onto plywood is not recommended as it shrinks and contracts between hot and cold cycles, it also absorbs water and rots when wet. We get lots of calls regarding cracked or loose tiles or grout which 99% of the time is down to tiling directly onto wood and this results in the floor needing to be ripped out and redone which can be expensive. The correct way to go over plywood is to use an uncoupling membrane which allows for a small degree of movement in the wood. We use both ditra matting or durabase and willrecommend them whenever necessary.

Surface Preparation

Before we begin tiling we need to make sure that the walls or floor is rigid enough and doesn't bounce or move. If it does, we need to strengthen it up and screw everything down tight. If your floor is currently floorboards they need to be lined with cement board to provide a rigid base suitable for tiling onto.If you have plywood on the floor then we need to install a decoupling membrane to counteract the expansion of the ply. The plastering of walls should be done to a very good standard leaving walls that are plumb, flat and straight.

Tanking and Waterproofing

Wet areas such as showers or around baths should be tanked with an appropriate waterproofing kit before tiling, which will seal any gaps and stop any water passing between the tiles and surface below. It is a waterproof membrane which is painted on to the surface and dries like rubber to fill gaps and provide a watertight seal, this protects the surface behind from water damage. Tanking also helps stop mold growth from behind.

Choosing your tiles

Tiles are more popular now then ever before. They are used in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, conservatory's, pathways, garages, fireplaces and anywhere imaginable throughout the home. They are hard wearing, come in all manor of styles and provide a splash proof area anywhere necessary. Coupled with underfloor heating there really is no reason not to use tiles throughout the home. Tiles are easy to look after, a simple wipe every now and then will keep them looking great for many years. They do not absorb smells such as from smoking or cooking. Are hard to scratch and can be replaced individually if you did happen to break one.

Choosing a colour

The colour of the tiles you choose is down to personal taste. Be creative and get some samples to try at home. There are so many options that you can feel a little overwhelmed so grab some catalogs and have a look through them to gain an idea of what you like. To get that showroom look we recommend choosing all of your tiles from the same range and vary the colour to separate the walls from the floor and then use the floor tiles to create a feature wall or border.

Tile sizes – which is best?

The size of the tiles you choose is down to personal preference, however its usually best to use smaller tiles in small rooms and large tiles in bigger rooms. For kitchen splashbacks its usually best to stay under 25cm squares or 30cm rectangles with metro tiles being ideal and very popular at the moment. Small floors look best with 30 x 60cm rectangles and for large floors 60 x 60cm Porcelain is extremely popular but you could go bigger if required.

Types of tiles

Tiles are made of various materials: artistic, porcelain and common stone. Every ha distinctive qualities and it is imperative to comprehend them, to help pick the best kind of tile for your activity.

Ceramic tiling

These tend to be lower budget tiles and are easy to work with and fairly hard wearing. They can be used almost anywhere in the home to create a great looking room at a very reasonable price.

Porcelain tiling

Being harder wearing than ceramic tiles, porcelain has become very popular over the last 10 years or so. It is perfect for tiling as it can withstand areas of heavy foot traffic and abuse. 

Natural stone tiling

This includes travertine, marble, stone, limestone and slate. Being natural, stone tiles are unique and come with some beautiful grain and colour differences. They do however require resealing once a year and are generally more prone to scratches and damage. Natural stone tiles are also more expensive to install so please keep this in mind when budgeting.

Mosaic tiling

Mosaics can be made from any of the above and are great for feature walls and striped borders. They can be very expensive so are not ideal for tiling large walls or floors but are great for adding colour to bathrooms and kitchens. They require lots of patience and time to install but look fantastic when complete. 

Tiling Patterns

Choosing a great pattern for your tiles can make them more appealing, brick bond is by far the most popular pattern right now but there are others to consider too. Diagonal, basket weave and herringbone are also great options that are worth considering and add character to any tiled surface.

CMD Ceramics are a leading Tiling Contractors in London and Surrey

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