Grouting and Re-Grouting Services

CMD Tiling offers grouting and re-grouting services for all areas where grouting is applicable such as bathrooms, kitchens, and conservatories. The grout is the filled in ‘gaps’ within any tiles that give off a perfectly finished look. Over time, the grouting can potentially become mouldy or can start to potentially even crumble if it is not applied properly. Grout can become worn over time and lose its colour, meaning the only answer is to rake out the old grout and re-apply new grout, this can be time consuming but is still a cheaper alternative to re-tiling.

Re-Grouting Tiles

Can I Choose The Grouting Colour?

Of course! We actually offer a range of 26 different grouting colours available here:

  •  Perfect Finish
  •  Multiple Colours Available
  •  Long Lasting
  •  Affordable Option
  •  Holds Surrounding Tiles Securely
  •  Water Resistant
  •  Heat Resistant
  •  Child Friendly

View All Available Colours

When Should I Not Re-Grout?

It’s important to understand when to, and when to not, re-grout certain parts of your home. When you are considering re-grouting, make sure you take a good check over your tiles that are in place. Some of the best advice that we can give is to tap the tiles to see whether you can see a hollow sound. If this is the case, it means that water has got within behind the tiles and potentially caused some damage. In this case, you would not want to re-grout your tiles, but instead look at re-tiling.

Advantages of Grouting

Here’s a checklist that we’ve put together to show you why you some of the advantages of grouting.

  • – Smooth, clean finish
  • – Choice of Matching Colours (see above)
  • – Hardening the foundations of what it is applied to
  • – Lasts for over 5+ years
  • – Safe for Children