How Many Tiles Do I Need?

Working out how many tiles for a particular area can be easily done by following these steps:

  1. Measure each walls height and width and write it down
  2. Wall 1 (Height) * Wall 1 (Width) = Wall 1 (M²)
  3. Repeat the process for the rest of the walls remaining.
  4. Add together all wall measurements. E.G: Wall 1 (M²) + Wall 2 (M²) + Wall 3 (M²) + Wall 4 (M²)
  5. Work out what 15% of this total is. Using a calculator you can just use Total Walls * 1.15

If you’re finding this difficult, we’ve created a tool to help you above which returns the result rounded up to 2 decimal places for more accuracy. Input each of the walls measurements and we will work out the calculation for you as well as adding an extra 15% for waste. You also do not neccessarily have to use all 4 walls, for example if you only need the measurements for 2 walls, just input the height and width for Walls 1 and 2 and click the ‘Calculate’ button.

Tile Calculator

Where Can I Buy Tiles?

There are many options when looking to purchase tiles, therefore we've created a list of some of the top providers that we recommend:

Topps Tiles
Tile Mountain
Tile Giant
Ceramic Tile Merchants
Tiles direct
Stone Specialist

Tiles are usually sold in the measurement of m² meaning metres squared. Please make sure you cater for any waste by purchasing 15% extra as some may already be broken in transit or may get damaged throughout the application process.

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