Repair Work

We can help with loose or broken tiles, however its best for us to come out and have a look before deciding what needs to be done to remedy the problem, sometimes it can be a case of just breaking out the old tile and replacing it, other times we may need to remove all of the tiles and start again. Once we have seen the problem we will run through what needs to be done with you.

Tile Repair in Surrey & London

Damaged, scratched or broken tiles? Make sure your home is safe and secure by getting a professional tile repair company in Surrey & London to fix the issue for an affordable price. Here at CMD Ceramics, we offer an affordable tile repair service as well as a variety of other different repair services and more!
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Affordable & Professional Repair Work

CMD Ceramics provide a wide range of solutions to fixing all types of tiling situations. We cover all parts of repairing your home including bathrooms, kitchens and more. We also offer our professional repair work services to both residential and commercial properties. For all inquiries, please get in touch with Columb at either our office number: 020 8395 8081 or contact us on our mobile at 07772 340586. We provide free quotations for all repair work jobs and can come to you to give you a quote before any work is agreed.

Before and After Repair Work

An example of one of our before and after repair works that was completed for bathroom in a residential property. The customer wasn’t too happy with the tiler beforehand that had a small screw sized whole inside the tile. CMD Ceramics replaced the tile with a perfectly matched replacement as well as making sure the replacement tile was the perfect finish.