Tile Trims

External corners can cause problems with some types of tile but there is a solution, Tile bead or ‘trim’, as it’s also known, can really make a difference. We strongly recommend using it anywhere there’s an external corner as it can really give you that perfect finish and is available in many different styles and colours. Take a quick look at Genesis for some examples.

Advantages of Tile Trims

  •  Smooth Finsih
  •  Sturdy
  •  Colour Match Options Available
  •  Shows off Straight Edging of Tiles
  •  Protects Corner Tiles
  •  Easy to Clean
  •  Child Friendly
  •  Environmentally Friendly

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Tile Trim Service in London & Surrey

As you can see from the picture below, tile trims are a metal strip that usually go on the cornering of tiles. There are several reasons why these are added, starting with the foundations of the tiles. By adding a metal or aluminium tile trim, the corner tiles are fixed in place a lot tighter and therefore mean the likelihood of damage of these corner tiles decreases drastically.

Secondly, the colour contrast, for many people, is a very appealing argument as the bright silver colour compliments the colour of most tiles that are available in the market. Adding tile trims inside your bathroom, shop floor etc. can give you the perfect final touches to complete the room and look you were going for!


Tile Trims Service

CMD Ceramics offers its tile trim services across two key areas, London and Surrey however for a full list of areas we serve please check here.